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Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
The Syntax of the Function Word Kan (see) in Chinese
SUI Na, HU Jianhua
2024, 47(3): 2-14.
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A Cognitive Study of the Tendency of Daytime Word-Formation from the Perspective of Lexical Typology
ZHAO Xinyu, YU Xiujin
2024, 47(3): 15-26.
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A Typological Study of Overcounting Numerals
LIU Ping
2024, 47(3): 27-39.
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A Quantitative Exploration on the Syntactic Complexity of English Complex Sentences
LIU Jinlu, YANG Nan
2024, 47(3): 40-52.
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The Motivations of the Modern Chinese Verb-Copying Construction
SI Weiguo, WEN Xu
2024, 47(3): 53-62.
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A Comparative Study of Secondary Interjections Between Chinese and Japanese: From the Perspective of Lexicalization and Grammaticalization
WANG Xin, FU Jing
2024, 47(3): 63-75.
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Is Syntax All the Way Down?
WANG Haoming
2024, 47(3): 76-88.
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On the Chinese Translation of English Poetry with Metrical Variations
WANG Dongfeng
2024, 47(3): 89-100.
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The Ways of Tao Conditioned by Nature: The Interpretation and Translation of Su Shi’s Art Spirit in American Art History
JI Lingjuan
2024, 47(3): 101-109.
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A Reexamination on Fengzhaoyi and Jinyi in the History of Chinese Translation of Buddhist Scriptures
REN Dongsheng, YAN Liping
2024, 47(3): 110-120.
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Seeking New and Practical Learning and Serving the Public by Translation: China’s Modernization of Traditional Learning via Knowledge Translation in The New World of Translation
SU Yan, TAN Sirong
2024, 47(3): 121-128.
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